Welcome to my new world of blogging. I first wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and how KISTT was born. Entrepreneurship has always been my goal ever since I was a kid. I started out having penny carnivals, creating little games out of random cardboard boxes and using trinkets I had or bought for pennies at the local dairy store as prizes. That lasted like a summer, but I’ll never forget knowing from that moment, I wanted to own a business. I didn’t want someone else dictating my income. I wanted to work hard for myself, not to make someone else rich. In all the jobs I had, I couldn’t take the time to talk to customers and get to know them. It was always about “get them out as fast as you can so you can move on and make money from the next person.” I hated that. I went to college, got a degree in business management (which that degree was pointless to me, you learn business by running a business), and I started on my journey into business a couple years later.

As a serial entrepreneur, let’s just say, I’ve had lots of business ventures lol. I’ve done everything from finance and real estate to bridal and food trucks. I now own an artisan boutique, City Gypsy Boutique, which has been my favorite by far. During Covid, I dabbled in Crypto, where I learned about NFTs…don’t judge me. During that time, I wanted to take my 77 VW bus, and create an NFT where the bus was rotating on a platform like you see in a car showroom, and have positive messages pop out of the bus. Anyway, I know…like I said, don’t judge, but the problem was, I couldn’t find a way to create the 360-degree rotating platform. I thought for sure there would be some sort of app to create a revolving picture, and I looked for like 8 months, only finding expensive software, or creators who could do 3D rendered versions of my bus and make them spin like a GIF. I wanted the actual bus, and so I set out on a mission, talking to some app developers to see if this could be done.

Owning an artisan boutique and knowing so many that sell their products on online marketplaces such as ETSY and Shopify, I realized the potential benefit of an app that could give sellers a way to photograph their products and create a 360-degree video, eliminating the need for multiple product photography pictures of each side of an item. So, here we are, the birth of KISTT was formed. Oh, and after I came up with the name KISTT, which stands for Keep It Simple Turn Table, my creative juices had a quick epiphany and the slogan KISTT MY APP was created…you know…a play on words.  I hope that you join me on a journey to learn tips and tricks of how to create the best product photography so you can stand out from other sellers!